Slow, Gurgling Drains? What You Can Do To Fix Them


Do you have a few drains in your home that are gurgling with water? You may have noticed the water isn’t going down quickly at all. In fact, if it’s sitting in the sink without budging, there’s a possibility that you’re dealing with clogged drains. There are tons of different things that can lead to a clog, such as a buildup of hair. Luckily, there are some tricks you can follow.

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Use a Snake Tool to Remove Particles

There is a tool designed specifically for drains. The snake tool is thin and long with the capability to reach deep into any drain. You can place the tool directly down the drain and twist it around a bit with your hand. While you’re twisting, the snake is actually pulling at the debris that is clogging your drain. After a few twists, you can pull the snake up and throw out any debris, continuing the process a few times. Repeatedly using the snake may help you to clear the problem quickly.

Pour Baking Soda Down Your Drains

Baking soda is known for its ability to help unclog drains. It doesn’t hurt to pour a bit of it down the drain before you use the snake. You can also use it while you’re inserting the snake down the drain for added help. The baking soda may be able to cut through grease and other food particles that have fallen down the drain. It’s also a cheaper and simpler solution instead of using drain cleaner.


Use a Plunger to Bring Up Icky Gunk

If you’re still having some trouble after using the snake tool and baking soda, a plunger may help. You can place the plunger directly over the drain and give it a few good pushes. Once you’ve pushed for a few seconds, you can pull it up, bringing up both water and debris. Don’t give up the first time if nothing comes up. It can take a few attempts at plunging to ultimately remove whatever it is that is clogging the drain.

Use a Strainer for Prevention

After unclogging the drain and fixing the gurgling, slow draining problem, you can use a strainer. The strain goes over the drain and protects large chunks of food and hair from falling through it. By using it, you can save yourself a lot of time. If you’re not using one, there’s a chance that anything could fall down your drain. And, when that happens, you’ll end up spending time trying to fix the problem because water won’t go down the drains well. These are additional benefits of using a strainer:

  • No worries of dropping a ring or jewelry down the sink.
  • No silverware can fall down the drain.
  • Accumulation of hair will be visible so that you can remove it easily.

Although gurgling drains are annoying to deal with, there are a lot of different things you can do. You can try each of these methods to solve the problem you’re dealing with. You can even combine different methods to ensure that the problem gets solved.

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