Are Your Pipes Ready For The Cold?

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Winter can be full of surprises. You can find your temperatures spring-like one day, and in the negative numbers the next. It is important to ensure that your pipes are ready for the cold. This means protecting them from the extreme cold that can cause them to freeze. Once the pipes freeze, they burst. This can lead to expensive repair bills, and a huge mess for you to clean up.

Turn off your outside water
Be sure that your outside spigots are turned off. Disconnect your hoses and put them away until spring. These outside faucets get the brunt of the cold and wind. Yet, many homeowners forget about them. Do not make this mistake.

Wrap your pipes
This is especially important for pipes that are near an outside wall. They will usually be the ones that are coldest. Your local home improvement store sells pipe wrap foam. These pieces are easy to cut, and they are slit so they simply slip over the pipe. They can be used for pipes under the sink, or for those in the basement. You can also use rags or even newspaper in a pinch. The important thing is to insulate the pipes during extreme cold snaps. Also, there’s more info here:

Open vanity doors at night
If you have a vanity with a door that covers your pipes, open the door at night. This will allow extra heat to get in under the sink. Extra heat helps to ensure that the pipes do not freeze.

Let the water drip
During unusually cold weather you may want to let the water drip. This keeps the water running which prevents it from freezing. Running water is moving too much to freeze. If the water just sits in the pipes, it has a much better chance of freezing.

Turn up the heat
There will be times when you simply have to turn up the heat. While you may think that this is bad for the budget, broken pipes are worse. Crank that heat when the weather is extremely cold. This is especially important for those with baseboard heat. Remember that the pipes running through your baseboard are filled with water that can quickly and easily freeze.

Have your empty home winterized
If you have an empty rental property, or a second home that no one is staying in, have it winterized. A professional is the best way to do this. Your baseboards will be emptied, your water turned off, even your toilets will be winterized. This will give you peace of mind during the long, cold, winter months. A quality company can help such as

Follow the above tips to help protect your pipes during the cold weather. It is also a good idea to have your plumber not only show you where your water shut-offs are, but to also mark them. This will help you to find them easily when or if you need them. In the event that you do experience a broken pipe, turn the water off right away to minimize damage to your property. Then call your plumber.

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