What Makes A Good Plumber?


More often than not we will encounter problems with our drainage system with the biggest culprit being the kitchen sink. A clogged or leaky sink is problematic and the only thought on your mind will be ‘I need a plumber’. This goes to show how important a plumber is in our lives. The sink might not be the only thing that necessitates plumbing service but also a faulty pipe. No matter how properly your house is built, as things grow old they tend to wear and tear. Finding a plumber is simple but finding a good one is the problem. So what should you look for in a good plumber?

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This would involve going for formal college training on plumbing. No matter how good they are at their work formal education is important.

There are many schools that offer plumbing related courses but not all have quality education. To become a good plumber you have to receive your training from an accredited institution.

Training is also important because there are some complex things that you cannot learn on the job.


It is said experience is the best teacher; this also applies to plumbing. The more experienced he has the more you can be assured of a good job.

Experience also helps the plumber to build good analytical and decision making skills. An experienced plumber will quickly identify the problem and come up with the best method to fix it.


In hiring any professional it is important to consider their punctuality. The problem that you require the plumber to take care of is already causing you some inconvenience. Due to this fact he should be able to sort it out as fast as possible. If the plumber can’t get there on time then he is also not likely to complete the work on time.



It does not make any logical sense to postpone all other engagements so as to monitor a plumber. More often than not you will be forced to leave him alone in your house. To ensure the safety of your house and belongings it is important that the plumber be trustworthy.

A trustworthy plumber also means that you can be assured of them doing what they are required to do.

Clean and organized

Plumbing can be quite a messy affair. This can leave your house in a mess if the plumber does not know how to do some clean up after work.

It is also logical that he maintains proper personal hygiene since you are letting him into your home.

The plumbers to avoid

You should avoid plumbers with bad reputations. They might just be rumors but you should not take chances.

The ones whom you have doubt with their qualifications.

Plumbers without reference. If they don’t have a reference how would you ascertain that they are even plumbers in the first place?

Ones which are too much concerned with payment rather than the actual job.

You should also avoid a plumber that your instinct tells you he cannot be trusted. It is important to trust your instinct.


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